Silvano Scalzini

My name is SilvanoScalzini, I was born in Tolentino, some time ago.

Do not consider myself a photographer in the professional sense of the word, but a simple troubadour of images elusive in the fast modern reality, finding them in those places where I am at that moment, and just simply going lighter and freeing, eyes and mente.Fin from the middle school my true passion was, and always has been, painting and sculpture, so that in the period of the medium was awarded a medal of merit in a competition between schools in the Marches.

I had to continue along this path, but for reasons complicated to explain, I left school and went to other interests.

Over time I felt my passion teasing on time, every time I passed a work of art or photographs extravagant.

I felt an indescribable feeling that day, by chance, I visited a photo exhibition in Amsterdam, I do not remember the author, but its those images I opened the doors to a reality that did not know, stupendous emotions, with the shots, he could capture the pure reality, but in another strange light, that only with the painting I thought you could do it, so that was incredible discovery, which moved from my innate curiosity, I began to devote myself to photography.

This for me was a new technique, slowly I began to realize that it was actually a good substitute for brushes and clay, indeed, I soon realized that when you are hit by an image, it is much easier to stop it at that precise moment, with a photo but after that, having to re-create with brushes and colors, trying to remember her re-imagining.

To do this, sometimes one shot is not enough, it can serve three or four, but at the time of the film, unfortunately, this technique resulted in a big economic cost and those costs were not within my reach. So I abandoned the whole thing again.

Finally came the advent of digital and tried again, I soon realized that they were loosed from this bond rollers and negative, I could photograph freely, without worrying about the cost, I could now freely do my four, five shots, and then store easily retrieve them. If you want, I could only print the ones I rekindled the vision of that moment.


Then one day while going around the internet I happened to see some photos taken with the technique called infrared, I was struck by the sight of those images, which immediately brought me back to the famous exhibition of Amsterdam and what I had seen, but at the actual pictures the same time unreal, almost dreamlike.


From that moment on I focused only on this wonderful technique, carrying out research and experiments. It ‘s so I decided to do and follow this new experience, I can say with all honesty that I found what I was looking for something other than that which transforms the vision of my reality in a different light.


Now for me it is much easier to shoot instinctively, in order to capture that image and stop at that precise moment in which the eyes and the brain are attracted imperceptible, elusive feeling of a slightly different reality, just so later, I can being able to see her again and relive it, tasting it fully.


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